All these videos were made by our members for your benefit. Please follow instructions and try to paint them following the teachings given to you here. It would be nice if you could send us what you have done just by following these instructions.

ENJOY!! feedback is much welcome!

Please forgive the poor quality of all my videos at Atelier de Bercy – I filmed them with my iPhone in a vertical manner but when I uploaded them on YouTube, they chopped the top and bottom parts to fit their horizontal screen. I will redo them at a later date. Thank you for your patience!!
Atelier de Bercy – for beginners – the leaf and the rose, Dresden style

Lorna Maclaren feathers made easy

Lorna Maclaren: painting a rose the easy way

The Toronto Gardiner museum is a unique museum dedicated to ceramic art. It was found by George and Helen Gardiner in the 1980s and it houses the couple’s collection from different parts of the world. The museum also host ceramic workshops and pottery classes for people of all ages. Video published by WalkwithWayne