Dallas Chinawww.dallaschina.comDallas, TX (800) 878-7528
Maryland Chinawww.marylandchina.comMaryland, USA,  (800) 638-3880
Reusche & Co

Paints supplier, U.S.A.  
Scharff Brushes, Inc.www.artbrush.comCanadian Supplier – Bela Tak
Sol Labos BrienAtelier de Bercy
Canadian and International supplier
Artist material and latest books
Great array of color pigments from Europe
Paints and Porcelain, LLC (Earleen Rowell) U.S.A., (772) 283-2860
Karla Humphrey Silverton, CO (877) 880-2347
Rosebud’s Handpainted Porcelain (Rosemary Sievert) Perfection Paints, (716) 662-4698
Willoughby’s China Paints & Supplies

Many interesting videos
Westfield House & Supplies

Supplier from UK. Interesting videos
Couleurs et Reliefs (Veronique Lalauze) from France, in French only. Interesting videos
Dean Supplier
Atkinson Jones Ceramics
UK supplier of precious metals and lustres
Held Holland
www.held-holland.comNew owners of Held of Harrogate; they are in the Netherlands but will ship world wide
Bijoux de Passy  (Béatrice Mazerolle)www.bijouxdepassy.comParis, France – Handmade fine porcelain jewellery
Vida Klockewww.vidascollectibles.comNorth Dakota
Cherryl’s supplier