Magazine Themes

Themes of Future Magazine Issues

  • February 2019 – RED – February is Saint Valentine’s special month, and it just calls out for that RED of true love (or any subject, quite frankly?).  Any shade of RED, any amount of RED.  Let’s go for it!
  • May 2019 – Think Happy!  Spring is the time of renewal – birds return from their winter homes; flowers are blooming at last; crickets are chirping; butterflies come out to dance.  Nature at its best!
  • August 2019 – We had such a great response for February’s Red issue that we asked ourselves, why not do it again?  Colours are good and fun, and everyone’s favourite is some shade of BLUE.  Blue birds.  Blue suede shoes.  Blue moons.  Cobalt, denim, navy, sapphire and turquoise.  A sky with fluffy clouds.  The ocean with breaking waves.
  • November 2019 – pictures from the August 2019 School, plus everything that’s Cool about Winter!

No matter the theme, photographs and articles of porcelain work on any subject are always welcome for the Gallery and the Website.

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