Website Homepage Photos

 Website Home Page Photos 

We would like to replace the P.A.C. home page art periodically to give all our members an opportunity to shine. To achieve this, we invite members to submit work.

How to submit: email the Webmaster and put “Web Photo” as the subject line. In the body of the email, please include a brief description of the work, the date it was completed, and its dimensions.

Form of submission: Up to five (5) digital photographs taken from different angles, but preferably head on, will be accepted. The photos must be labeled with the artist’s name and subject title. The photos must be full sized, not reduced/resized digitally.

Subject: Modern, experimental, monochrome, traditional, conventional, European or North American styles, portraits, animals, insects, scenes, still life, etc.


1) Works must be the original, unaided work of the artist and not previously published in any form, except the PAC Magazine.

2) Works must be completed on porcelain using china paints, lustres, enamels, metallic or matte finishes, raised work, or any combination.

3) A flat surface is preferred, but any piece will be accepted as long as photographs may be taken from any angle. Dimensions are not limited, but take into consideration that a miniature piece may not photograph well enough to be enlarged for the website.

4) Artists shall allow their work to be published on the PAC website and in the PAC magazine.

Photography hints: Place the piece on a plain (not patterned), non-reflective, light coloured background in good light (not direct sunlight), with no glare or shadows. Lustres will be a challenge; try to prevent your own image from being reflected. Take several pictures and choose the best.

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