P.A.C. National

The Porcelain Artists of Canada Inc. (P.A.C.) is a national organization dedicated to supporting our community of porcelain artists. We are committed to preserving traditional skills, fostering the development of new and creative techniques, and educating those who are interested in our art. The organization’s fundamental goal is to promote porcelain painting within Canada and internationally.

Isabelle Lafargue-Ruel
President – Présidente
Louise Savard
Past President – Présidente sortante
Lori Loeb Taller
Vice President – Vice-présidente
Lise Casgrain
Secretary – Secrétaire
Sol Labos Brien
Contact Treasurer
Treasurer – Trésorière
Kristen Adams
Contact Membership
Membership Director- Directrice des adhésions
Pamela Sherrer
School Director
Contact Director
Patricia Robertson
Contact Editor

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Provincial Representatives:
British Columbia:
Merva Cottle, Membership
Vacant, Public Relations
Nancy Beamish, Membership
Roseanne Erickson, Public Relations
Eloise Turnbull, Public Relations
Susan Kaluzny, Membership
Linda Lamb, Public Relations
Jean Makichuk, Membership
Lori Loeb Taller, Public Relations
Diane Marchessault, Membership
Sol Labos Brien, Public Relations
Atlantic Provinces:
Isabelle Lafargue-Ruel, Public Relations


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